Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Must Haves!

We all have them… 
those Holy grail Must have products that 
we love and depend on.

The products we want to talk about with everyone because they are JUST THAT GOOD!

With that in mind I bring you my favorite products in 
Life With Aly’s Monday Must Haves!

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream

What is It? 
A concentrated glycerin moisturizing cream, #1 selling medicated skincare cream in Japan today, enriched with vitamin E, vitamin B2, and camphor…. And my skins’ magic savior!

What’s It For? 
Soothing and moisturizing dry skin, from your head to toes… and I mean it! I use it on my face, body, hands and feet to keep me all smooth.

So What’s The Catch? 
No Catch… it is a bit on the expensive side, but since a little goes a long way it’s going to last – the smell at first is a bit strong, a bit like rosemary… sorta like medicated muscle cream… but it absorbs quickly and the smell fades, then you are  left with only the benefits.

1.25 oz Tube $16.00 & 2.75 oz Tub is $25.00

How Do I Get My Hands on It?  
You can find it @,, and Sephora.

Why Is This An Aly Approved Holy Grail Product?
I've found this to be the only thing to work on my skin in the winter. I occasionally have very dry skin and this was the only thing I found that gave me any relief. It absorbs quickly and the moisture stays locked in. The company also sells Yu-Be face polish, Yu-Be Lip Therapy & Yu-Be Moisturizing Body Lotion.

That's your Monday Must Have!
Now What's one of your go-to product?

Godspeed, Kisses & Love,


Thursday, April 26, 2012


Impromptu Wednesday Haul !!
Went out yesterday to pick up the Dior Bronze Self-Tanner Natural Glow to get my mug prepped for the warmer weather (wishful thinking right here on the East Coast),
Got home 2 hours later with all this… 
Love it!

Mwah & Godspeed!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunny Specs for the Summer!

Summer is just around the corner ladies 
So get ready to protect those peeper!
The 3 big styles for Sunglasses Are...Iconic Round, Classic   Wayfarer  & Sexy Cat Eye!
Check out these celebrities rocking' the Lennon Round...

These where huge in the 80s and the comeback was to be expected... these glasses are classic cool...
I'm Talking Wayfarer!

Feeling Bold and Brave? Rock the Cat Eye!

Or Be a Fashionista like Nicole Ritchie & Rock All Three!


So Now What? Where Do You Go? 
Depending on your budgets ladies there are a ton of options...
From Target, to Charming Charlie, Claires and Sunglass Hut!

Also Check Out... they have great prices on Designer Sunglasses and a personal favorite Haute & Rebellious that has a hot pair for $32!
But here is an Aly Tip for ya...
Instead of bringing your designer Duds to the beach buy a cheaper comparable pair that way you won't be heart broken if they are ruined or lost!

One thing is to lose $5 Sunglasses at the playa 
but losing you $300  prada glasses to the sand....
just the thought makes me wanna cry!
Check out these Designer Cat Eye Sunglasses for $200 Plus and a similar pair @ Forever 21 for under $6! 

Consider yourselves schooled on The Sunglasses for this Sunny Summer... 

Now get to it & Find the Pair For You!

Mwah & Godspeed!