Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rock It or Wreck It?

Leather Shorts are cruising to be the next hot thing this spring....
Celebs have been rockin' them everywhere.
But we are talking supermodels and the super-thin.... are these for everyone?  I mean leather shorts in Spring...can you say Butt Sweat???

Would You Rock Em or Wreck Em?

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Mwah & Godspeed! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Beauty Tips & Tricks! The Static Dilemma

Are you having the static dilemma

Instead of dousing your hair in hairspray or globbing it up with hand cream to prevent dreaded hair static try this dollzzz...... 

Get a grip on hair static with a dryer sheet. I suggest using ones made for sensitive skin.... like Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets Free & Sensitive.

Run one directly through your electric strands or rub a sheet in your hands and do a quick finger tussle on that misbehavin' mane & Voila'!!

But go easy... too much of this good thing will leave your hair flat and greasy.... Not to mention you will smell like a laundromat. 

A Tip From Me To You! Pass it On!

Mwah & Godspeed!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rock It Or Wreck It?

John Lennon made them Iconic,
Lady Gaga made them cool. 

I'm talking Round Sunglasses... 

Trendy & Classic but could you sport these peepers like the celebs?

Would You Rock It or Wreck It?
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tantalizing Tangerine!

"Aly Where Have You Been?"
Sorry for the MIA act Ladies! Admit it... you missed me. I always have to leave you wanting more. But we are back on track and talking Spring/Summer Fashion!!!! Now I know we still have some Winter left to go.... but I told you already... In fashion and beauty it's a crime not to be a step ahead! So let's get to it!
Littering the runways and dictating your new look for the warmer weather for Spring/Summer 2012 was... 
Tantalizing Tangerine!
Top Left Helen Yarmak. Top Right Vivienne Tam. Bottom Pic Shamask 
(All Collections from NYC's  Spring/Summer 2012   Fashion Week)

Left to Right: Rebecca Minkoff, Carlos Miele, Badgley Mischka
                     (All Collections from NYC's Spring/Summer 2012  Fashion Week)

"But Aly No One in Real Life Wears Tangerine!" 
Um well look below folks Imus in the Morning rising Superstar    (oh and my good friend!) @CarleyNoelle7 rocks a tangerine skirt paired with a blue top... Can you say color blocking! And keep in mind lovebugs she keeps it simple by not having  too much going on in the outfit which makes it a create-able look. 
   "But Aly...What if Tangerine is Only for Blondes?"
Ah Ha!!! But it is not! Check out Fox Business anchor/reporter (and I am bragging if I say co-worker??) @SimonettiLauren... She  pulls off a look all you dark haired ravens can aspire too!

"But Aly How Do I Rock It?"
Got some options for you... #EasyOnTheWallet....Voila'!

I know it can be daunting to do the head to toe if can't commit a la' runway model opt for a purse like this from Forever 21. Small and still so fashionable! 

For a daytime look check out this baby doll in a tamer tangerine from H&M 

Wanna wow him on a date night... or you just rock it with the girls in this piece from Know Style.

Not Yet Titillated by Tangerine?
Fine Fine... Check out these items from my collection to ease you into this trend!

Bangles: & Charming Charlie
Nail Polish: Sally Hasen Insta-Dry in Snappy Sorbet & Zoya in Willow
Everything Under $5

So My Muchkins....
You admired it on the Spring/Summer 2012 runways.... you saw two ladies rock it in the "real world" now it's your turn to get a piece of the madness in your own life.... 

Consider yourselves schooled on Tasty Tangerine... Now get to it!

Mwah & Godspeed!

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