Thursday, March 8, 2012

Beauty Tips & Tricks! The Static Dilemma

Are you having the static dilemma

Instead of dousing your hair in hairspray or globbing it up with hand cream to prevent dreaded hair static try this dollzzz...... 

Get a grip on hair static with a dryer sheet. I suggest using ones made for sensitive skin.... like Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets Free & Sensitive.

Run one directly through your electric strands or rub a sheet in your hands and do a quick finger tussle on that misbehavin' mane & Voila'!!

But go easy... too much of this good thing will leave your hair flat and greasy.... Not to mention you will smell like a laundromat. 

A Tip From Me To You! Pass it On!

Mwah & Godspeed!

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