Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Fashions... Best Dressed!

For Me These Ladies Won It Hands Down...

Let us begin with Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad.
 Let me tell ya J-Lo was back in her fighting form last night! I mean @ her old Puff-Daddy Days but without the police charges and short one back-up dancer boy toy... Oh wait she has a new one! Damn girl looks good!

Moving on... I know I'll get a lot of heat for this one - But Emma Stone (in Giambattista Valli Couture) looked fantastic! 

Many said her dress was reminicest of the Balenciaga gown worn by Nicole Kidman to the 2007 Oscar (Click Here To See Side By Side).... Ummm ok that was 5 years ago and if we are going to play the "don't they look alike" game let us not forget that Nicole Kidman now doesn't look like the Nicole Kidman of 2007. The difference you ask? Kidman's face is now entirely made of industrial strength silicone and ground up hockey sticks and that's a fact! So Emma you rocked it red head!

Next... Rose Byrne wearing Vivienne Westwood... WOW! 

The dress was midnight blue (but photographed black) with a complete open back... hair in a forever stylish bob.... plus she has an australian accent so you can't go wrong! (Insert typical Australian Phrase Here)

But the reigning queen of the evening was Bingbing Li... 
Bingbing Li in Georges Chakra Couture

"China's Leading Lady"stole the night. Amazing dress, Classic hair, clean makeup, stunning earrings and a pop of color in the form of red nail polish... Oh yeah the $400,000 clutch by Lana Marks featuring 40 carats of white diamonds also helped... just a little - I didn't want to say it but I actually her borrow mine!

So Bingbing.... you looking Bang Banging (I know... i just couldn't help myself!

But what's better than the best dressed at the academy awards? The worst dressed @ the academy awards.... Coming to ya' shortly!

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Mwah & Godspeed! 

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