Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Must Have!

bareMinerals Intensive Glow Pads 
Brightening Treatment

What It Claims To Do:
A  treatment that brightens & renews skin.
Brings back your "natural radiance" by improving skin tone and texture. Increases cell turnover to give you a complexion that glows.

What’s It For? 
 You know when your face goes bat$*&t crazy? 
Breakouts, reddening, sensitive and temperamental
This is what you use to rehab your face back into submission. 

How Do I Use It?
After cleansing at night, sweep pad over your mug using a circular motions and voila' - FINITO

$35.00 a pop for 60 pads

How Do I Get My Hands On It:
Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, Macy's, and All carry this product

Why Is This An Aly Approved Holy Grail Product?
As the seasons were changing from winter to spring I lost complete control over my skin. It became super sensitive and prone to breakouts. It also lacked luminosity... and everyone knows there is nothing worst than dull skin!

I went to Sephora & lugged my significant other along. 

As I looked for my skin' next miracle, my better half came up and proudly asked "Would You Like to Have 80% better skin?"
Well I'd Actually like a diamond but i digress...
 Um yeah hook a sister up!

He had read a description of the bareMinerals Intensive Glow Pads Brightening Treatment & eagerly brought the product.

 So my love story with this true favorite begins.
The pads are two sides; smooth & textured. I use smooth for gentle everyday use & textured for a more intense treatment. I usually do smooth one day, textured on the next and so on. Use this every night after you clean your mug. In about a week or so you begin see the change.... and a month plus into it you will see it's everything it claimed to be!
Since I began using this product my skin has done a total 180! Nothing Has Ever Worked like this on my Skin!
No more temperamental skin and best of all...

That's your Monday Must Have!

Godspeed, Kisses & Love,

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