Monday, March 4, 2013

Rock It Or Wreck It?

Rock It Or Wreck It? 
Kim Kardashian's Bangs!

Looking stunning as always Kim Kardashian graces the cover of April 2013 Cosmopolitan (prior baby bump) rockin' some bangs!

Hairstylist Chris McMillan said he cut them on set the day of her cover shoot... Ummm.....

She struck me a little more high maintenance than giving someone carte blanche with her hair. But then again she was in the hands of   veteran hairstylist nicknamed the "Mane Man"!

Some Girls Have All The Luck!  

Anyhow... Are Bangs Back? Or Should They Be Left To The Insanely Gorgeous?

Would You Rock Em or Wreck Em?




  1. She looks great with bangs! I love bangs and cut them to change once in a while. Blunt bangs a la Jessica Biel are not for everyone. But find a style that suits you, like longer bangs. They make you look younger. ;-)